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Get Cash For Your Used iPhone Today!

If you need quick cash, you may want to take a second look for anything in your home with that iconic Apple logo.

Apple, Inc. has successfully created the most coveted electronics on  the market. The iPhone has been one of the most sought after phones ever since it hit the market. Sportsmans Pawn Shop gets you cash for your used iPhone in two ways: pawning or selling.


Pawning: If you need quick cash, we will take your iPhone as collateral for a cash loan. Simply hand in your cell phone, take the cash, and come back within 30 days to pay them back, with interest, and pick up your original phone.

You may have a few missed calls, but you got your money and your used cell phone back.


Selling: If you have a used iPhone you're looking to get rid of, we will buy your iPhone outright, no strings attached.

Oftentimes, you may get more cash from a pawn shop than you will trying to sell a used cell phone on Craigslist or eBay.


How Much Is My Used Iphone Worth?


Whether you want to sell or pawn your phone in exchange for a cash loan, it still needs to hold some monetary value in order for our pawn shop in Salt Lake City to consider it valuable collateral.

Four things determine the value of your phone: model, condition, parts, and prep.



If you have the latest iPhone with upgraded features, it will bring in more cash than an older model.

As soon as Apple releases its latest product, demand skyrockets and our Pawn Shop is always willing to get

the latest and greatest Mac products.  Cell phones older than two generations generally do not hold much value.



Water damage, cracks, scratches, or scuffs all impact the value of an iPhone.  We must ensure that it is not just working, but it holds enough value to use it as collateral.  Our pawn shop will also check to ensure the phone is activated, working,

and is not in an iCloud lock.


Iphone Parts:

The original box, paperwork, USB cord and wall outlet will all increase the value of your phone.  A phone without a charger or case is worth significantly less than a phone with the original packaging and accessories.  Additional cell phone accessories such as car chargers, cases and covers are also helpful.  Before heading to our pawn shop in Utah, gather all your phone accessories

and offer them as a bundle to get the most money possible.


Cell Phone Preparation:

When preparing to take your smartphone to the pawn shop, be sure to prepare it beforehand so it is ready to be handed over.

First, ensure it is charged up and ready to be turned on and inspected for use.  Write down your important contacts and information, then restore the iphone to factory settings to remove any personal information.

Clean the phone completely, careful to avoid water damage.


Pawning or selling your cell phone may be the best way to get cash fast.  You can clean and prep your iphone in under an hour,

and have cash in your hand before dinner time.  Whether you just need some money to make it to payday, or you want to get rid

of your used iphone fast, Sporstsmans Pawn Shop is eager to take a look at your item and make you an offer today.

If you don't find what you're looking for here that doesn't mean that we don't have or accept it.

Call us to check to see if we have a certain item or if we can accept your pawn item.


(801) 561-9020

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