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Get Cash For Your Speakers Today!

Using a pawnshop can be a simple solution to making ends meet when things get tight.  Electronics are typically one of the best items to take into our pawn shop, but it is not just about TV's.  Bluetooth speakers, audio speakers, bose speakers, jbl speakers, wireless speakers, stereo speakers, car speakers, or complete sound systems are a popular item to pawn and sell for quick cash.


Pawning vs. Selling your Audio Speakers


Taking your audio speakers into the pawnshop does not mean you have to give them up forever.  If you just need some cash, our pawn shop in Salt Lake City can give you a pawn loan in exchange for your speakers as collateral. The pawn shops use collateral rather than doing a credit check or co-signers.  Once you pay the loan back, the speakers are returned to you.  If you fail to meet the terms of the loan, the pawn shop keep the speakers. You also have the option to sell your bluetooth or wireless, or any other type of audio speakers outright if they are an item you no longer use or want.  Selling items to our pawnshop is much faster than other methods of selling because you can get the money you need the same day without waiting for the right buyer to come along.


Getting Money for Speakers


Before hauling a big sound system to the pawnshop, it is worth making a phone call to be sure the pawn shop is currently accepting large speakers.  While most pawn shops will accept them, they may have limited shelf space at the moment or a sudden influx of speakers and might not be accepting any new ones now. So, it's a good idea to call ahead

and make sure they are willing to look at your item.


The next thing you want to know is how much they are worth. This depends on the condition and brand of your speakers.

Local demand also makes a difference in the price offered for speakers. The best way to get an idea of how much your speakers might be worth is to look them up on another website such as eBay and Amazon, or a manufacturer's website

to determine what they are currently selling for.


Tips & Tricks


In order to get the most money for your speakers, there are a few things you can do to ensure you get a fair price.

First, clean them up.  Take the time to make them look as new as possible and ensure that they work before taking them in.

Next, bring any paperwork you may have to show what your speakers are worth.  This may include an original receipt or

additional paperwork for speakers that are particularly unique or valuable.

If you don't find what you're looking for here that doesn't mean that we don't have or accept it.

Call Xtreme Pawn Shop in Utah to check to see if we have a certain item or if we can accept your pawn item.


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