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Get Cash For Your Television Today!

Nearly everybody has at least one television in his or her house.  It is something so common that it may be the first thing you think to bring to a pawn shop if you need cash. This makes TV's one of the most popular items in our pawn shop.

On the other hand, TV's are also in high demand because consumers are often looking to upgrade their televisions, or add a screen or two for their home.  Because the supply is vast and the demand is high, it is important to do your homework

in order to get the most cash for your television.


How Much my Television is Worth?


How much cash you can get from our pawn shop depends on a variety of factors including the age of the television, the brand, size, condition, etc.  Aside from the details of your own television, the pawn shop may offer you more or less cash depending on their own current inventory, buyer demand, and store space.  However, if you have a newer TV (less than 2 years old) that is a flat screen model, you can expect to get more money.  Branded TV's like samsung tv, sony tv, vizio tv, lg tv, sharp tv, led tv's, 4k tv's,

and similar brands hold much better value.


Older Televisions are Not Always Better


Pawn shops are known as a great place to buy and sell antiques, but televisions do not always fit into this category.

The old big box TV does not count as an antique, and holds little value to an antique shop. With televisions, newer is always better. Unless you have a television that was owned by a celebrity, used in a famous home, or is an original model from a brand name.

If that is not the case,  an older TV will hold little or no value.


Prepare Your Television to Pawn


Before getting a loan on your TV, or selling your set to a pawnshop, be sure you are prepared

to avoid the pitfalls many owners may fall into.


First, package your TV with all of the accessories.   This includes the remote, pedestal stand, owner's manual, power cord, etc.

Some pawnshops may still accept the TV with missing accessories, but you will always get more cash if you have a complete set.


Second, clean the TV before you take it in. You may not see the fingerprints in your home, but under the bright lights of a pawnshop, you will see fingerprints, marks, smudges, and scrapes.  Take the time to clean the screen with an electronics cleaner

 to be sure it looks perfect.


Third, ensure all components are in working order.  There may be ports on your TV that you do not use, but before you pawn it,

be sure each port works.  Any pawnshop will want the security of knowing that each plug and port works flawlessly.


Lastly, decide whether you are going to pawn or sell your television. Xtreme Pawn  Shop buys and sells TV every day, but if you just need a little cash to pay off bills or make it to payday, you can pawn your television as collateral for a cash loan.

Once you pay back the loan, you receive your television in the exact same condition you dropped it off in. The loan must be paid back in full with interest on time to prevent your television being sold.

If you don't find what you're looking for here that doesn't mean that we don't have or accept it.

Call our Pawn Shop in Salt Lake City to check to see if we have a certain item or if we can accept your pawn item.


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