Pawn Your Video Game Console

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Pawn Your Used Video Game Console For Cash!

Has Luigi been replaced with Halo? Or maybe Madden was tossed aside for Battlefield? That old pile of dusty video games might be worth some significant cash. Pawning or selling items like videos games or game console systems can be a great way to get some extra spending money. Video games and consoles are some of the most popular items on the market, and pawn shops are eager to have the latest and greatest in technology and equipment.


Because pawn shops buy and sell all sorts of different kinds of merchandise, they are looking for any items that hold resale value. Some of the most popular video games on the market hold their value for years, depending on current market demand.


Pawn Shop vs. GameStop


Any pawn shop understands you have other options to buy and sell video games, Pawn shops often determine their prices based off what competitors are offering and it doesn't take much research to find out what GameStop is paying for used games, so they are often ready to offer you more cash than the local GameStop. By giving you the best price available, they increase their inventory, you get more money, and everyone is happy.


How Much is My Video Game Worth?


The worth of your video game collection is based off of the condition of the games, and the consumer demand.

A pawn shop isn't going to give you anything for a game that nobody wants. The most valuable games are the latest and greatest

or the rare and valuable.  According to, these are the top 15 best-selling video games of all time:


Super Mario Bros. and New Super Brothers

Mario Kart


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto V

Wii Play / Wii Sports / Wii Sports Resort

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


In addition to these top games, the three top grossing video game franchises of all time are:




Super Mario


Pawning vs. Selling your  Video Game Console


At our Pawn Shops in Salt Lake City we  buy and sell games every day and will offer you a fair price to buy your video game outright. However, if you are not ready to part with your gaming collection just yet, take a pawn and offer your video game console as collateral for a cash loan. We will hold the game and give you the cash you need. All you have to do is repay the loan,

and we will return your game console.


Know your Console Before You Go


It is in your best interest to make sure your games and video game consoles are clean and have no major scratches or defects.  If you want to get more value, you should come with the original packaging including inserts and manuals.  If a game can be shrink-wrapped and look like new,

it will yield significantly more money.  If your games are scratched up, or the box is damaged or missing, the pawn shop will likely not take them at all.

If you don't find what you're looking for here that doesn't mean that we don't have or accept it.

Call Xtreme Pawn Shop Salt Lake City to check to see if we have a certain item or if we can accept your pawn item.


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