Top 10 Tips For Your Next Hunt




September 13, 2018

In today’s article, we’ll be presenting the top ten tips and tricks you can use for your next hunt. Whether you’re a professional hunter with years of experience, or someone that hasn’t touched a gun in your life, there are loads of useful tips and tricks you can learn when it comes to hunting. Whether you’re old or young, we hope you learn at least one new tip or trick from this collection.

There are many different types of hunting. Sometimes it’s a waiting game with little to no movement in an area as you wait for a wild game to pass by. Other times you trekking across mountains and rivers in what appears to be a never-ending wild goose chase. For this collection, we would like to present a list of hunting tips and tricks that you can use in a variety of hunting scenarios.

1. Plan your trip

Let family and friends know when, where, and how long you plan to hunt. This can help them know what to expect and initiate a safety plan in case anything goes amiss. There are countless stories of hunters going out into the wilderness alone without letting others know who were met with unfortunate experiences. It’s a good idea to bring a cell-phone, walkie-talkie, or another communicative device in case you need to contact someone.

You will also want to map out the area and plan precisely where it is you plan to go. This will help you to foresee any hazards or dangers that might occur along the way like rivers and cliffs.

2. Pack smart

Some hunts last a single afternoon, others can occupy several days. Sometimes a hunt requires you to travel only short distances while others require traveling long mountain trails. It’s important to pack for the occasion. Pack light if it’s a short hunt, but have plenty of food, water, and dry clothes if the hunt could last several days. Common hunting items include a: firearm, extra ammunition, knife, binoculars, food, water, sleeping bag, extra clothing, lighter, flashlight, matches, and toilet paper.

3. Prepare your firearm

Make sure your rifle is clean and ready to go. Carrying a rifle that hasn’t properly been sighted can be a deal breaker when it comes to the hunt. You will also want to make sure your rifle includes a strap and bag in case you need to carry your firearm in heavy weather. It’s also a good idea to have plenty of extra ammunition in case you fire through more rounds than expected.

4. Bring a survival kit

It’s a good idea to carry a survival kit that includes a first-aid kit, fire-starting material, and quick-energy snack foods. You can also bring a compass, map, GPS, or other navigational systems, an extra knife or rope, flashlight, and cell phone, walkie-talkie, or another communicative device.

5. Scout the area

Scout the surrounding area for landmarks, and special features. You will want to be aware of your surroundings in case you need to backtrack or find alternate routes.

6. Go extra slow

Most of the time, hunters aren’t slow enough, nor stay put long enough. Going extra slow can save you hours as you follow the frightened game for miles. You can decide on how long you want to stand still and wait until that time has passed before moving forward.

7. Stop at noise

If you make any unusually loud noises, stop and wait, especially if you think animals are nearby. Animals have a keen sense of hearing. The sound of a snapped twig can easily alert nearby game. Alternatively, if you hear any unusual sounds in the area, watch and listen carefully to determine the source of the noise.

8. Follow with care

As you track an animal, remember that fresh trails usually require you to still-hunt as the animal could leisurely be eating as it browses along. Stop and listen for any sounds, and closely but carefully follow the animal’s tracks.

9. Have a clear shooting path

Make sure branches, leaves, and brush remain clear from your shooting path. This will give you a more accurate shot and is better for your safety.

10. Don’t give up

“Late season hunting can pay off if you are consistent,” says Tim Herald, a contributor to Have the motivation and commitment to pursue the hunt, and if your hunt isn’t successful this season, there are a number of seasons ahead of you.

For more hunting tips and tricks, visit OutdoorLife’s article here.

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