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Get Cash For Your Android Phone Today!

The Google Android phone is one of the major players in the cell phone market. Next to its notorious rival, the iPhone, Android is the most popular device in pockets around the country with approximately 59 percent of the smartphone market share. With over 400 million devices in use and 1 million new activations every day, it is a valuable commodity in a pawn shop.

How Much Is My Android Worth?

Many tech-savvy users like Android because it is easier to customize, use, and adapt to your own needs. The worth of your phone depends on several key characteristics including the model, year, size, and any visible scratches. Cashing in on old electronics is easier than ever and takes only a few minutes, especially if your device is new, in good condition, and has the original box.

Pawning and Selling Cell Phones

There are two ways to get money for your Android phone with Xtreme Pawn. If you are looking to get rid of your phone, Xtreme Pawn will give you an all-cash offer to buy your Android outright. If you need quick cash, but don't want to sell your phone, you can use your phone as pawn for a cash loan. We will take your Android as collateral and provide you the cash you need. When you pay us back in full, you receive your original phone in the exact same condition you left it. However, if you do not come back or cannot pay back the loan in full, you forfeit your phone completely.

Know Your Phone Before You Go to The Pawn Shop

We accept all makes and models of cell phones, but you may increase the value of your phone by taking a little extra time and follow these simple tips:

Charge It Up: The pawn shop is going to want to ensure the phone works, so be sure it has enough battery life for the shop to turn it on and test a few features.

Know Your Network: Phones on different networks may be worth different amounts.

Clean Once: Clean the exterior of the phone to remove smudges, makeup, or fingerprints you want it looking its best before you try and sell or pawn.

Clean Twice: In addition to cleaning the exterior of the phone, back up all your documents, photos, videos, and apps to your computer or cloud storage. Then overwrite your data and erase all personal information before handing the phone over.

Gather Your Gear: If you have the original box, pack up the phone so it looks new. Include the original charging cord, headphones, and manual if you have it. Any additional accessories will only increase the value, so bring those along as well.

Pawning or selling your android phone at Xtreme Pawn is faster, easier, and safer than selling online to someone you don't know and waiting for the check to clear. Bring in your new or used phone today and we will make you an offer on the spot.

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