Best Places To Buy Guns and Ammo


Jared Taylor


May 26, 2022

Its a picture of a black gun laying on top of bullets

We are surrounded by places that sell guns but have you ever wondered what place would give you the best price and be the fastest? It's hard to find guns and ammo these days, but all the places listed below are some of the biggest Utah Gunbrokers, especially during this pandemic and inflation.


Scheels is a massive business owning 31 locations, with fourteen of those in the United States. They had an extensive selection of guns and ammo, having just about every caliber of gun and ammo. They were able to order anything you wanted in also. But that's not what it's like now! You might get one gun a week with a couple of ammo boxes, and that is it. It is slowly getting better than where it was during the pandemic.

Sportsman's Warehouse

Sportsman's Warehouse is a very well-known and convenient store, unlike Cabelas or Scheels, which only have one location each, and they are all further south away from the valley. Sportsman's Warehouse had the same problem Scheels had; they couldn't order or get any guns or ammo in, so they couldn't make any money in that part of their store. They have to make money elsewhere selling their other merchandise. And when they get guns and ammo in, they have to give a fair price, and that price is usually barely above cost, so they make next to nothing.


Pawnshops like Xtreme Pawn are the best; they have many connections and can get just about anything ordered in. They seem to have better relationships for guns and ammo than many other big stores. They have new and used firearms so that you can get what you need and still be inside of your budget.

During the pandemic, they still had ammo and guns; they never ran out. Like the other places, Xtreme Pawn wouldn't make much money when they would order guns and ammo in. It was hard for everybody, but it was okay because it brought customers in, and they were being told by many people that they were the only ones with guns and ammo.

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Cabelas is another big store that only has one location away from the main parts of the Salt Lake Valley. They, too, always ran out of ammo and guns just like Scheels and Sportsman's Warehouse during the pandemic. It could be because they have more people going to their stores, or maybe they just gave up and figured they could still make money from selling everything else in their stores. Guns and ammo are so expensive now because of inflation, and so maybe the big retail stores want to focus elsewhere. They can't get used guns in either because nobody wants to sell their guns because of how much they have gone up in value. It's pretty impressive; they almost doubled in value!


These are all perfect places to find guns and ammo still during inflation, but what scares everybody is the prices. There is no such thing as a good deal on guns and ammo anymore. The nice thing about Xtreme Pawn is we have customers coming in every day, so we have higher chances of getting used and new guns in rather than happening to order them which we can do also, but it's hard to compete with everybody else. The same for ammo; some people even bring in their ammo because they sold their guns for double what they paid. Coming into the pawnshop is a win-win because we can get guns and ammo when other places can't, and you get to walk away with a great deal and 100% satisfaction.