Do Pawn Shops Buy Cars?


Skye Parker


March 28, 2024


It can take months or even longer to sell your car by yourself. The good news is; Yes! Pawn shops do buy cars. Based on the value of your car, pawn shops can give you a loan or buy your car outright. However, it is important to note that you will need to own your car to do this.

When considering the purchase or sale of a car, many avenues are available, ranging from dealerships to private sales. An often overlooked option is the pawn shop. Cars are part of the top for . A lot of people don’t really know all the things pawn shops buy. While not traditionally associated with car sales, some pawn shops do buy and sell cars. This article will explore how pawn shops can be a viable option for both buyers and sellers, providing insights into the process and what to look out for.

Selling Your Car to a Pawn Shop


Selling your car to a pawn shop requires preparation. Clean the car inside and out. Having a clean car is one of the easiest ways to improve its value. Get out any stains if possible, clean the carpet and wax the car to give it the best chance at impressing the pawnbroker. You can find a car cleaning checklist to help you be ready for selling. Making sure you have all necessary documents at hand, including the title and maintenance records Understanding your car's market value will also help in negotiations.


Pawn shops typically offer quick cash, but it's essential to have realistic expectations regarding the offer. Knowing your car's worth and being prepared to negotiate can lead to a better deal. Consider using an online car appraisal tool so you have an idea of what you’re willing to accept for your car. Answer any questions as honestly as possible, anything that isn't working or general wear and tear will affect the value of your car.

Contact a Pawn Shop to Buy Your Car

Once your car is in optimal condition and you’re prepared to discuss a proper price for it. You’ll need to locate the title of the car and get ready to sell. Find a reputable pawnbroker in your area and give them a call to make sure someone is available to appraise your car. Pawnbrokers must have a license or be registered with a state agency to operate their establishment. 

Difference Between Selling and Pawning Your Car

It will be important to decide whether you are going to outright sell your vehicle or pawn it. But what’s the difference?

During the process of selling your vehicle, you will have to sign the title over to the pawn shop. They will be the owner of the car where they will then resell your car to an interested buyer. When selling you can often get the amount of cash the pawnbroker offered at the appraisal right away.

When pawning your car, you will discuss a price point, and timeline for repayment. Leaving your car at the pawnshop and leaving with cash in hand. The pawn shop will store your vehicle for the allotted amount of time you’ve agreed upon for the duration of the loan. Once you have fully repaid the loan you can go back and retrieve your car, which will still belong to you. In the event you decide you'd rather have the cash over your car, you can walk away scott free, you won’t owe the pawn shop anything on the loan.

When you speak to the pawnbroker you’ll want to discuss whether you will be getting a pawn loan; negotiating a contractual price, timeline and repayment to ultimately get your car back in the end, or whether you will sell the vehicle outright, relinquishing ownership by signing the title and taking payment. Both are good options. Make sure to discuss all the details thoroughly. Verify the time limits you have to pay the loan back, if there are options to extend the loan should you find yourself unable to pay it back in the allotted time, what repayment options are available; such as weekly payments, a large payment at the end etc.

If you’d like to get an appraisal for your vehicle and you want to sell it or get an auto pawn loan, feel free to give Xtreme Pawn a call at (801) 876-1379 today! We can happily set up a time to meet and discuss any of your buying and selling needs.