How Much Do Pawn Shops Pay for Power Tools


Sarah Rodgers


March 10, 2020

You’ve had your old power set in your garage for longer than you can even remember and you find out power tools are super popular for a pawn shop. What do you do? You gather every power tool in sight and head to the pawnshop. Wouldn’t it be nice to know which power tools, pawn shops pay the most for? Alternatively, even have an idea of what they are going to pay you? Just like when you pawn an item, many factors will apply when you're selling your power tool. The tools brand, condition, and model will all determine how much cash you can receive. 

blue, white, and red power tools


Check the condition of your power tools before you bring them into a shop. Wash up your tools and make sure there’s not any rust or goo stuck on it. Most of the time a tool that looks rough can look better with just a quick wash. If your tool has scratches or tears on it, it will most likely bring the price down. Pawnshops make their money by reselling items that are sold to them. If they feel like they won’t be able to make a profit off of your tools, they won’t be buying it for too much money. 

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Each brand is known for a different thing. Some brands will be known for their durability and long-lasting material. Other brands might be known for being one of the easiest tools to use. If you have well-known brand name tools they will be sold for a better price. Some of the best brands that pawnshops pay more for include Milwaukee, DeWalt, Bosch, Stihl, and Snap-On. Some of the brands that may not be as popular in a pawn shop include Rigid, Festool, Dremel, Craftsman, Stanley, and Ryobi. Having a set will increase the price especially if you have every item located together. Below is a chart that shows what prices from highest to lowest the brands may sell for. Each pawnshop may pay a separate amount depending on the location. This chart is just an average price of what power tools typically sell for at a pawn shop. 

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Model/ Year

The year that the tool was made and the model it is will definitely determine if you will get more or less money for your tool. Older tools will most likely be worth less. However, if it is in brand new condition barely used you may still be able to sell it at a good cost. 

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Get a Quote

One of the best ways to see if you want to sell your tool to a pawn shop is to try to get a quote over the phone first. You will need to gather up as many pictures as possible and know the make, model, brand, and year of your tool. Getting a quote over the phone means you won’t have to waste your time going into a pawnshop only to find your tool might not be worth what you thought. 

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