Pawn Your Old Emeralds


Sarah Rodgers


January 30, 2020

Are you thinking about selling your old emeralds for cash? You've come to the right place. Here are some of the best tips for pawning your ancient jewels and what they are worth. When you sell an emerald, you are selling one of the most valuable gems out there. Emeralds have always been a popular gem and will never go out of style. So what makes gems so unique in a pawn shop? It's bright green beautiful color is naturally attracted by the human eye. When you sell your emerald to a pawn shop, make sure to remember that even the slightest color difference can make the difference. The brighter and more depth in the color, the more valuable it will be.


Cleaning Emeralds

When you take your emerald into a pawn shop or even when you are taking pictures for a quote, make sure to clean your gem. But some types of cleaning can damage an emerald, so be careful not to rub too hard or use the wrong equipment when cleaning. Never use an ultrasound cleaner when washing your emeralds: instead, make sure to use a clean, soft cloth to clean off any dirt. 

Is your emerald synthetic?

A synthetic emerald is made and produced in a lab rather than mined from the earth. Many retailers today sell more synthetic emeralds than real ones. If your jewel isn't extracted from the earth, it may not be worth as much as you think. 

Should I trust a pawnshop?

Most pawnshops will do there best to give you a quote that is honest to what applies to your item. To make sure that you can trust the pawnshop look up some reviews and how high they are rated. Usually, reviews can give you an idea of how fair that pawnshop was with their previous customers. You can also get an appraisal from a professional that will be able to tell you how much your emerald is worth before you pawn it for cash. 


What is an appraisal?

An appraisal is a process where your emeralds are taken and evaluated to decide it's worth. The one giving you the evaluation will weigh your gem and inspect it to determine the quantity. Then they will calculate an estimated price for your stone. When getting an appraisal, it's wise to go to someone with years of experience to give you a precise result. 


How does one determine the emerald's value 

With emeralds, diamonds, and other gems, they will use the 4 C's to determine the end price of your stone. Using the 4 C's your pawnbroker will determine the value, below is a list of the 4C's and what they mean.

The 4 C's are as follows:


The cut of the emerald determines a lot of what the end value is. This includes how smooth the cut of your stone is and how well it reflects the light that hits its surface. More delicate, more continuous cuts will result in a beautiful, elegant reflection. 


The color will be the main factor that decides the value of your stone. Beautiful expensive emeralds will have a fresh, pure tone of green matching fresh grown grass. The darker the color, the more it's worth. To decide if the color is unique and genuine to its ancestry, the appraiser will watch various things. Usually, this consists of the tone of the emerald, which is the hue of the color. The saturation, which is the intensity of the stone and how dark the color is.    


Clarity includes how clear the emerald is and if there are any scratches, abrasions, or inclusions. Make sure to bring in emeralds without any breaks or scratches. All of those will bring down the price of your emeralds. 


The last thing they will look at is the carat which is the weight and size of the stone. Larger stones usually cost more, but others say it's better to have an emerald that small with a defined deep color than a bigger one. 

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