Christmas Shopping at Xtreme Pawn!




March 9, 2020

Christmas is just around the corner, and this means getting ready for Family gatherings, drinking eggnog by the fireplace, and finishing up any last minute shopping.

If you haven’t finished your holiday shopping yet, you’re definitely not alone. According to an infographic from Yesmail Interactive, nearly 20% of people start shopping in the first half of December, and about 4% start in the second half (I am definitely included in that 4%).

The biggest gifts on Santa’s list are consumer electronics, jewelry, clothing shoes, music DVDs, and toys. The infographic below shows some interesting statistics. On the left are listed the most common Christmas shopping items and on the right are the percentages for whether those products are purchased online or in store.

Xtreme Pawn in Salt Lake City

Still have some Christmas shopping to do? Make the most of your Christmas shopping by stopping by Xtreme Pawn where we have awesome deals on a HUGE collection of products. We’re talking gold and jewelrymusical instrumentstelevisionselectronicspower toolshouseware itemsfirearms, and more! Come visit any of our three locations to see what’s available!

You can also give us a call at (801) 876-1727, or chat with us directly on Facebook to see if we have any particular items available