Where to Buy or Sell Used Bikes


Sarah Rodgers


February 24, 2022

Whether you want a bike for mountain biking, trail biking, or even just to ride around we have you covered. At Xtreme Pawn we have a variety of bikes that just might suit you. Come on in and have a look at our huge selection.

Kid and Toddler Bikes

Having kids is a button of fun, and getting them to the stage where they are old enough to ride a bike is a long-awaited trial. Every dad’s dream is to teach his son or daughter to ride a bike and show their kid how brave they can be. But everyone knows that kids outgrow everything, their shoes, socks, and even there PJ’s so why buy them something expensive when you can get the same kind at a lower cheaper price. Make your child’s birthday special when you surprise them with an incredible bike. 

Adult Men and Women Bikes

Thinking about taking a trip to Park City to visit their amazing trails? Well, now you can. Visit us today to get the bike that’s right for you. We have all sorts of bicycles with various sizes and colors. Now you can get the perfect bike at a fantastic price, and without flooding your wallet. 

How much can I sell my old bike for at a pawn shop?

Pawnshops often use a lot of factors when they decide how much to give you for your bike. These include the brand of the bike, the year it was made, the style of the bike, the condition, and whether it has rust or not. Below is a list in more depth of what pawn shops look for in bikes and how much they pay you for them. 

The Brand

The brand of the bike will be the most significant decision maker when a pawnshop is deciding what price to pay for your bike. Here is a graph of what the brands are and what they typically sell for at a pawnshop.

The condition

Although the pawnshops usually decide what price your bike is worth by the brand. They may not even buy your bike if it is not in usable condition. Here are some things that might make the worth of your bike less, broken or rusty chains, wilted paint, scratches, loose handles, and a dirty frame. Make sure to give your bike a quick touch up before you bring it into the shop. You may even be able to get an estimate over the phone if you have pictures and extra information to go with them. 

The Size

The size of the bike may not make a huge impact but it will definitely be priced differently than a bigger bike with the same brand. 

Tips for selling your bike to a pawnshop

  1. Make sure to give your bike a quick polish and clean up before you take it into the shop. You may be surprised by the difference it makes.
  2. Try to remove any rust from the chain as this will affect the price it sells for there are a lot of tips for getting the rust off your chain on Youtube that may help. 
  3. Get a quote over the phone before you take it into the shop if you are concerned that you may not get the amount of money you want for the bike. 

If you are interested in purchasing a used bike we can show you the way. At Xtreme Pawnshop we have a huge variety of bikes in all sorts of sizes and brands. You won't regret choosing one of our outstanding bikes at a low price! You can call us at (801) 938-3807 or contact us online. Have an amazing day!!