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Get Fast Cash For Your Drums Set Today!

If you need fast cash, you might start searching your house for valuable items to pawn or sell. Musical instruments may be worth more than you think. Many people start with a TV, cell phone, or other electronics, but musical instruments are often one of the most popular items in pawnshops.

Know Your Drums Set Details Before You Go To Our Pawn Shops

Before you head to the pawnshop, decide what you are asking for. Would you like to pawn your drums, or sell them outright? The requirements for each are very different.

Pawning: If you need quick cash, but you want to keep your drums, you can pawn them. This uses your drums as collateral for a cash loan. Once you pay back the loan, you receive your drums back. Be sure to read the fine print and pay off the entire loan in full according to the contract terms.

Selling: If you are ready to part with your drum set and need a quick buy, the pawnshop can make you an offer to purchase the drum set outright, no strings attached.

Getting the Most Money for Your Drums Set

If you are thinking about selling your drums set, it is important to prepare your instrument so you can get the most money for your items.
First, be sure that the drum set is clean and looks presentable. Your drum set should look like it is ready to use on a concert stage, not like it's been sitting in the garage covered by a blanket for the last five years. Take the time to deep clean the entire set, shine it up, and get it looking its very best.

Next, test out your drum set to be sure you have all the parts and pieces. The best way to do this is take a short stroll down memory lane and play the set for a little while. Make sure you have everything necessary including all the small connectors or clamps. If you are missing these small parts, a pawnshop may not want to take a risk on pawning or buying your set. It should look and feel like new. Because there are so many pieces to a drum set, it may be helpful to videotape yourself using the set to show the shop owner that it is in perfect working condition.

Last, use your smartphone, or an old fashioned pen and paper to write down exactly what make and model the drum set is. Make notes of any special features, upgrades, unique markings, styles, or accessories that you have with the set itself. Anything that sets your drums apart from a stock set from the store may add value to your item. Having all of this documented allows the pawnshop to quickly identify and value your item while taking everything into consideration. If you do not document these items, you may end up pawning your set for less than its actual value. It may also be helpful to bring in other listings for similar drum sets on classified websites or from eBay that show a relative value.

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