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Get a Cash Loan For Your Watches Today!

Watches have always been a great accessory for men and women.  Wearing a nice watch can give you status and show how good of a taste you have.  For people who have a passion for watches, it is almost like they give you a secret hand shake when noticing and admiring your timepiece.

You don't have to pay more for nice watches when you can get them at one of our Xtreme Pawn Shops in Utah!
Many of the popular and famous brands like Rolex watches, Breitling watches, Omega watches, Bulova watches, Seiko watches, Citizen watches, and many others can give you a cash loan in our pawn shops in Utah.
Many of these watches and gold watches can be worth hundreds of dollars.
If you are looking to pawn, buy or sell watches come see us!  Our pawn shop in Lindon is open on Sunday as well.

Selling or Pawing your Watches?

If you are selling or pawning your watches you should consider if this is what you really want to do.
Once your watch is sold to our pawn shop,  the chances of getting it back is very low, so don't let emotions rule your decision.
Keep in mind that you can get a pawn loan for your watches.

Watch Emotional Attachment: Many of us may have a watch from a father, grandfather, or from a distance relative that has been seating in a drawer for years.  If your attachment is gone, or if you didn't even remember that you had it,it might be time to let it go...

Come to either of our Sportsmans Pawn Shops in West Valley & Murray, we will take care of you.

Making Money Sense: For many individuals, selling or pawning a watch at apawn shop is simply a financial decision.  When you need the money, it is time to check priorities.

Create Positivity: In our Pawn Shops you can find jewelry, sporting goods, instruments, electronics, games, etc...Exchange your watch money in order to buy a nice gift for your children, friends and family.Or even, a nice present for yourself!  How about a different watch?

Getting a Loan / Pawning Vs. Selling your Engagement Ring

If you are still deciding whether you want to sell or pawn loan your used watches, you can simply take your watch to our pawn shop and get an all-cash loan for 30-60 days.  After the loan period is over (interest may apply), you can decide if you want to keep the money or get your watch back.

How much is my Watch Worth?

It is very important to do your homework before coming to the pawn shop with your jewelry.
Do your best to at least to know the basic information of your watch.
If you purchased it at a jewelry store, they keep very good records so take good advantage of it.
If you have an idea of where and when your watch was purchased, you can probably find the exact information for your watch.
The Internet is a great source to find your watches' model and see what the market is asking for it.

Some of your gold and fancy watches, it will require more research. Go to a local jewelry store and see if they can give more info on your watch.
It is important to understand what your watch is made of, and any details you can gather about it before going to the pawn shop to sell, pawn or trade.

When you come to Xtreme Pawn Shop, you will find a great selection of items and engagement rings.
And, if you can't find the item you are looking for, let us know, cause most likely we have it or accept it!
Call us if you have any questions or if we can help you sell, buy or pawn your watch.

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