10 Things Not To Sell To A Pawn Shop




August 29, 2018

Pawn shops will typically buy and sell almost anything of value. Almost. Apart from the regular gold & jewelry, electronics, and other popular pawn shop items, there are some items that are more likely than others to get rejected. Here are a list of 10 things not to sell to a pawn shop.

Anything Illegal. This one is obvious. You can’t sell drugs, passports, hazardous waste material, etc., etc.

Anything Stolen. A common misconception is that pawn shops have stolen merchandise. However, less than one-tenth of one percent of all pawned merchandise is identified as stolen goods. Pawn shops are required to follow all regulations and are governed by federal laws.

VCR and VHS Tapes. With online streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, VCRs and VHS tapes have little to no value at this point. Fun Fact! The last major Hollywood film released on VHS was A History of Violence in 2006.

Box TV or Broken TV. While a high-quality flat screen TVs can carry a lot of value, a box TV won’t. Flat screen TVs used to be quite expensive when they first came out, but they’re getting cheaper each year. However, a broken flat screen TV isn’t worth much, as fixing it can be costly and time-consuming.

Mattress. Secondhand mattresses are typically made of older materials, making them less durable with a short remaining lifespan.Old Cellphones. Flip phones and other old phones are worth very little in a world where new smartphones are created each year.

Cassette Player and Tapes. Similar to VCRs and VHS tapes, these things no longer carry much worth over our modern technological advantages for listening to music.

Vacuums. Vacuums can typically be worth a lot of money, especially top brands like Bissell, Shark, Dyson, and Hoover. However, unless if the item is new, vacuums can introduce new unwanted germs and allergens.Shoes. Unless they’re a pair of high-quality footwear, chances are you won’t be getting much cash for a pair of sneakers.

Baby Crib. While they may seem safe and sound, cribs made before June 28, 2011, no longer meet regulations.

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