Pawn Your Old Longboards


Sarah Rodgers


January 30, 2020

Get cash for your old longboards!

Need quick cash and don't have much time to get it? Just pawn your old longboard, this is a great way to make cash fast! Pawnshops can also be a great way to sell your hobby or sports items as collateral. Sell it in for cash now, and come get it back later when you have more money in your savings. 

Longboards for Pawn Shops

As a pawn shop people might think we only buy motorcycles, cars, and electronics, but not a lot of people know that getting money for your sports goods is just as easy and fast. You may be surprised at how much your professional longboard or other sports gear is worth. Trying to some cash for bills, date night, or even just for starting a new hobby has never been more accessible. Come into our shop today to pawn your old longboard and see how much it's worth. 

Longboard Condition

The value of your longboard depends on the make, model, and condition. Just like cars and electronics, certain longboards will determine the amount of cash it's worth. One with high value would be a longboard that is custom made by a highly desired builder or brand. Other factors may increase the cost of a longboard, such as age or notoriety, proof that someone famous used or owned the longboard, or even if it came from an era of significant value. These are all things that will determine the value of your longboard. 

Longboard Accessories 

In addition to the longboard, If it was bought with any accessories that may add value to the overall sell, it could bump up the price. For example, the wheels on the longboard may have more value than the board they are on. Xtreme Pawn may be willing to increase the price of a bundle if you have any accessories that draw in eyes from customers when you're pawning your old longboard. 

Pawning or Selling Longboards

Our pawn shop works two ways, pawning new or used items and selling them. When you sell a question to our pawn shop, it is just like you are selling your board to anyone else. You hand over the item, they give you the money, and the deal is done and over. The likelihood of you ever recovering your item is slim to none. A pawn works like a collateral loan, you bring in an item of value, and the pawnshop will loan you the money with the understanding that your item is returned when the loan is repaid.

When you go into a pawn shop, take as much information as you can. Bringyour board in, show the gear in motion, document what type of longboard it is, or who made it. Anything expensive, noteworthy, or particularly valuable should be pointed out so the pawnshop owner can evaluate everything and offer you a fair price.