Pawn Your Old Skateboard


Sarah Rodgers


April 15, 2020

Have you been thinking about getting another skateboard, but you have no idea what to do with your old one? Well now you do, Xtreme Pawn Shop is the best place to go when you want to pawn your old skateboards. Not only do you have a fast, comfortable place to go, but you also have a quick and easy way to get cash before this summer. 

How much is my skateboard worth?

Every time you sell any object or sports equipment to a pawn shop, there are going to be four main key points that determine how much your skateboard is worth. The key points include The brand of your skateboard, the wear on your skateboard, the size of your skateboard, and the parts of your skateboard. Let’s take a closer look at each of these critical points to determine how much your skateboard is worth.

The brand

The brand of your skateboard will determine the price. Some brands make more sturdy well-balanced skateboards with better materials while other brands may use weak material and don’t have an as smooth balance on their skateboards. Some of the top branded skateboards include Element, Zero, Creature, Blind, Almost, Chocolate, and Flip skateboards. Check with your pawnshop to see if your brand is worth more or less than some of their common skateboards. These brands can sell anywhere from $10 to $300 at a pawn shop. Some times in a rare case, they can even sell for more than that. 

The wear of your skateboard

Out of everything that determines the value of your skateboard the wear and condition of it will be the most significant factor. Scratches, breaks, faded colors, and anything that may be broken or ruined will cause your skateboard to be worth less value. 

Size of your skateboard

Skateboards come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, all of the different sizes mean that they will be worth a different price. Smaller kid skateboards are more likely to be valued at less while older teenager skateboards will be worth more. Other boards like longboards will most likely be valued differently than a normal skateboard.

Parts of your skateboard

If you’re good at skateboarding or even do it professionally, you know that the types of elements you can get for your skateboard are unlimited. Most skateboarders like to switch out their wheels for smoother softer riding wheels once their skateboard starts to slow down. Some wheels are worth a lot of money and can increase the cost of your skateboard. There may even be other parts added that could increase its value. Check with your pawnbroker to see if your skateboard might be worth more than you think. The skateboard is made up of three main parts: the deck, wheels, and truck. Each of these can be traded out and reused. You may even have a famous truck connected to your skateboard, especially if yours has been handed down or used by another skateboarder. 

Knowing for sure what your skateboard is worth is hard to determine without having the skateboard to look at. You may even be interested in selling your skateboard but not know if pawning it is for you. In that case, you may want to get a quote over the phone. Getting a quote over the phone will save you some embarrassment if you end up not wanting to sell it and they can give you an estimate of what your skateboard is worth. To do this, you will need as many pictures as possible and an accurate description of any dents, cracks, or scratches on your skateboard. You will also need to supply the brand name and the size of your skateboard.

Thank you for reading our article “Pawn your Old Skateboard.” If you are interested in pawning your skateboard or even buying one from our pawn shop, you can visit our store or contact us online or over the phone at (801) 876-1782.We have pawn shops in West Jordan and Lindon.