Tips For Buying a Used Smartphone


Jared Taylor


May 16, 2022

Android phone displaying a green circle on screen

Looking for a new smartphone, but you just can’t afford the absurd prices? Buying a smartphone from a pawn shop can definitely be cheaper. Used phone stores like a pawn shop can be good or really bad. You are gonna have to decide for yourself and figure out if buying from a pawn shop is for you. Here is what to look for when buying a used phone at a pawnshop.

Choosing a Good Pawn Shop

You want to first find a reputable pawn shop that has been in business for a significant amount of time, with a positive reputation with clients. Read the reviews from sites like Google Maps and use your best judgment. You want a pawn shop that has good prices, high-quality equipment, and excellent customer service. If you don’t find an honest pawn shop they might lie to you and tell you your new iPhone is in perfect condition, but it could be broken and you can't see it. So make sure you only buy from a trustworthy one!

Research Phone Costs

Research the cost of cell phones before you visit the pawn shop. The entire idea of it is to ensure that you are getting a good deal and not buying overpriced items. It isn't just for phones it is electronics, tools, everything they sell. Check multiple sources to get a good idea of what you should spend on the phone. Use your bargaining skills to get that price you are willing to pay based on the budget you have. 

Check the Phone’s Hardware

Take into account any scratches, dents, and cracks. Check to make sure the phone is responsive to touch. Check to make sure the camera functions properly. Check the specs and the camera quality. Check and make sure the phone charges. Check if the speakers are working and don’t have any distorted sounds. Check the screen cells and if the screen has any discoloration. Check the headphone jack is good and try plugging in some headphones or something of that sort. If the phone has too much damage to it, don’t be afraid to turn it down.

IPhone with cracked screen

Ask About Warranties, Exchanges, and Returns

The last thing you need to do is find out about returns, exchanges, or warranties. Ask somebody if they have a return policy or if they sell phones with warranties. If they do great! If they don’t you are out of luck, because the thing with used phones is they can go out in 2 days or 3 years. If they seem legitimate, you can go ahead and purchase the phone. You are taking a risk if you buy the phone without being able to return it, no warranties, and no exchanges. If the phone breaks, there is no turning back.

Ask For a Receipt

Asking for a receipt is very important because if they allow you to return the phone, they might not let you without the receipt. It can be the same for warranties or exchanges. Not only that, but having the receipt shows proof of purchase. If somebody accuses you of stealing you can whip that receipt out and show them where you bought it, what time, and what date, it shows everything you need to verify that purchase.


Use the tips above to ensure that you get a good deal for yourself! Not checking these things can result in bad behavior and problems for the future. Xtreme Pawn has earned a great reputation from customers. Having a staff with years of experience, we would love to help you buy a used phone. Not even just that we will help you with anything you need. Some quick cash, buying a quick gift, whatever it is we can help you.