What Can I Pawn for $500 Dollars


Sarah Rodgers


March 28, 2024


If you're looking to make some extra cash in 2024, you're in the right place. This guide will show you which items you can pawn for $500 or more. From gaming computers and parts to high-end laptops and TVs, we'll cover what's in demand, how to gauge their value, and where to sell them. Get ready to clear out the clutter and boost your bank account.

Gaming Consoles

 The gaming industry is always evolving with new models and new games everybody wants. So the demand is definitely there. When pawning gaming consoles, recent models like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X,  and Nintendo Switches they will fetch the best prices not saying that older models won’t they just won't for that much. Make sure you have all the cables, controllers, and if possible, the original packaging, as these can increase the pawn value.

High-End Laptop / Phones

Nowadays, most laptops sell for a hundred or a couple hundred bucks. Laptops and smartphones from Apple, Samsung, or other leading brands are often sought after by pawn shops. You can easily pawn a new phone for $500 dollars.  Ensure the device isn’t locked to an account and is in working order. Bring along chargers and original boxes. 


Are you thinking of selling an old TV for cash? Pawn shops take in modern TVs, particularly smart TVs with 4K resolution or higher. The newer the model and the better the condition, the more cash you're likely to get. Don’t forget the remote and the stand or wall mount. TV Brands like Samsung, Sony, and LG are the top brands so you’ll get a hefty pay from these ones


Popular electronics like tablets, smartwatches, and drones are in demand at pawn shops. Items with brand recognition, such as Apple or Samsung, usually offer better pawn value. Include chargers and accessories for a better deal.

Tool Sets

Most tools alone won’t be worth $500, but there are some extensive toolsets that you will be able to sell at a great price. If you have an old toolset laying around, bring it into our pawnshop to get an estimate of what it’s worth. Tools have always been a must for pawn shops and they are always looking for them. If you’ve got great conditioned tools they are always happy to pawn them. Power tools will get you the most money in return. If you can sell them in a set you’ll get the best return.


Firearms are super popular nowadays. I guess which is why they are driving up in price, that and they’re dangerous. Pawn values for firearms depend on condition, make, model, and current market demand. Always ensure they’re legally owned and come with the necessary documentation. Bring your gun fully prepped for pawning. That means having the chamber must be empty of any ammunition and stored properly. When showing, follow all gun safety rules tips. Even if it is empty it needs to be treated like it it. If you’ve taken one or more of these items into our pawn shop and they offered you less than $500, it may be due to the year it was made or the current condition it is in. However, if you are not satisfied, you can try pawning another item to reach the $500 value for both. 

Musical Instruments

Pawn shops look for well-kept guitars, keyboards, and brass instruments. If it's a brand like Fender or Yamaha and you've kept it in tune and in good shape, you'll get more cash. Bring them in your cases and have accessories inside too. If you’ve saved the box, put it back in the box, but without it is ok as well. 


There are always items that will be in demand and if you can take care of the items you have they will always get a great price for them. Now you know the answer to the question What Can I Pawn For $500 Dollars?