Where to Buy Used Audio Equipment


Sarah Rodgers


August 5, 2020

Xtreme Pawn Shop has all the audio equipment you need to get started on your hobby. Visit our pawn shop today. Whether you're starting up a band or wanna make some music, we have a massive selection of new and used audio equipment. We also have car audio equipment, speakers, and a lot more to choose from. Visit our shop to find what you are looking for

Here is a list of some of the audio equipment you're sure to find in our shop and at a good price

Audio Interface

The audio interface is a type of hardware in charge of improving the sound quality in your computer's performance. Some interfaces will also allow you to connect professional microphones and different types of instruments to your computer, as well as other types of signals. Whenever you record your audio onto your computer, your audio interface will find a way to enhance the sound and make your music more vibrant. This is an excellent piece of equipment that can be used for recording music and or doing podcasts. 


You can't make music without the right kinds of cables, and if you are missing one for the equipment you have so far, we might have what you need. 


If you are recording audio, you're going to need something to manage and store all your music. Find a computer that is great for storing audio and handle the systems you plan to get for your music. 

Digital Audio Workstation

A Digital Audio Workstation, also known as (DAW) is an electric device or software application that is used for recording, editing, and producing any type of audio file. This station can come as a software on your computer, or it can come as a unit whichever you prefer to buy. This is an excellent system for recording music and sounds as it can intensify your music skills. 


Headphones are used to test sounds and listen to your creative work. They are also perfect for singers and songwriters that want to record vocals alone. 


Every musician needs an instrument. True, there are many systems and software online that make it easy to make music without even having an instrument; let's be honest; every true musician needs at least one instrument.


Recording vocals or instruments is easier said than done. Without the proper microphone, you won't be able to achieve the sound quality you need for your music.

Microphone Stands

If you don't want to be holding your microphone in your hand every time you want to record some vocals, get a stand to go with your mic. 

Pop Filter

A pop filter is a noise filter that protects bad sound from entering your microphone. It is also used to remove or limit fast-moving air noises from entering the microphone while recording vocals.


If you plan to share your music, you'll want a good set of speakers to amplify your audio skills. The right set of speakers can be a deal-breaker if you know what I mean. 

Studio Monitors 

If you're into loud music and blasting your art, studio monitors are for you. They are a type of speaker with great sound and airwaves to make your music stand out from the crowd.

Still don’t know where to find your audio equipment? Call Xtreme Pawn shop today to see if we have what you need. Our huge selection of audio equipment would be hard to pass up at such a good deal. You can call us at (801) 876-1727 or contact us online