4 Highest Priced Items in a Pawn Shop


Sarah Rodgers


April 27, 2021

Have you ever thought about selling to a pawn shop and wondered if it would be worth it. Maybe you wanted to know if you’ve had anything worth value that would make selling to a pawn shop worth the time. Well, here are the top four highest priced items in a pawn shop. If you plan to buy these items from our shop, it’s important to remember that even though they might be some of the highest value items in our pawn shop, they are cheaper to buy from us than almost any other new shop. 


Who would have thought that guns would be on the list? Well, they made it on the list. Guns are made of strong metals and crafted with a lot of work and detail. They are also sold a lot when it comes to a pawn shop, which makes them very valuable to our customers. 

Many firearms show up at our pawn shop, so if you are interested in seeing our selection, come on down and take a look at our top sellers. 

Diamond, Gems, and Jewelry

Diamonds have been valuable since the beginning of time. Their hardness and natural shimmer make them valuable to all types of people. Almost everyone alive has had or wanted a diamond. Why? Besides their indescribable beauty, they are also a symbol of one’s love. Husbands often gift these to their wives to show love and affection. 

Other gems may not be as commonly owned as diamonds, but they are still treasured. The beauty and rarity of these gems make them highly expensive and adorn by men and women alike. 

Jewelry as well can be precious if the right kind of metals are in the mix. Gold jewelry or sterling silver are highly prized by people all around the world. If you are interested in buying any of our diamonds, gems, or jewelry, come on down and check out our selection. 

Power Tools

If you’re a man, it might have been super obvious that these are some of our highest priced items. Power tools are costly, especially when you buy them as sets. We carry almost every brand name you can think of. If you think of buying power tools for a birthday, Christmas, or just because we have you covered, come check out our selection before you go bankrupt somewhere else. 


Most pawnshops might not carry machinery or automobiles, but Sportsmans does. We have plenty of machinery and cars for you to look at. Other pawn shops are unable to accept this sort of equipment because of the limited space. Sportsman’s Pawnshop, however, has enough space to store automobiles and other big machinery. Please take a look at our vast selection.