Pawn Shop vs. Garage Sale


Skye Parker


March 14, 2022

There eventually comes a time when we feel overwhelmed by the clutter in our homes. Whether you're preparing to move or just doing a little spring cleaning, one of the best things you can do is sell the excess items so someone can use them while making a little cash on the side. Getting rid of those hoarded items can be a daunting task when there's so much to do. Pawnshops and garage sales are great options for selling your unused items. By exploring the pros and cons of both, you can determine which option will work best for you!

Selling at a Garage Sale

Garage sales, also known as yard sales, are an extremely common way to purge some of those excess items cluttering your house or garage, selling off household goods by displaying them out in the yard or garage. Presenting all your items for sale allows anyone passing by to look and hopefully make a purchase.


  • You pick the price and have leverage in negotiations.

Unlike a pawn shop, you can set your own pricing for every item. You're the ultimate authority and can use that to your advantage when negotiating the price of a sale.

  • Items are viewed by a larger audience.

At a yard sale, there is a wide variety of people with varying interests hobbies and may appeal to some of the more unique items you have available. This is generally a pro but could also be considered a con since you're ultimately waiting for the right person to show up.


  • You risk having your items stolen.

It's no secret that your front lawn generally doesn't have optimal security measures in place to protect against theft the way most second-hand stores do. The risk of things getting stolen could be a genuine concern. When there's only one of you and several people browsing your items, it can be hard to catch a quick slip as something disappears into a pocket. Wait, grandpa's high-quality watch was just here?

  • You may not sell the items you had hoped.

Another downside of garage sales vs. pawn shops is that you may not sell the item (or items) for which you set up the entire project. After a long Saturday morning, you still didn't find anyone who wanted that old vintage rug.

  • Using up valuable storage space for items you don't use 

You may not want to part with a particular item unless you get an excellent offer on it. In cases like this, it can take a few weeks and several attempts to sell your item that is taking up valuable garage space in the meantime. Bringing that item into a place like Xtreme Pawn is a quick way to clear out your garage while giving you immediate cash return.

  • Possible weather conflicts

The weather can also impact garage sales. If you're trying to clear things out during winter, you won't have much use of your snow-covered yard, not to mention the lack of customers due to the chill.

Selling at a Pawn Shop

While pawn shops are often thought of as a way to pawn an old iPhone during the times when you need cash awaiting your tax return, or a simple way to get rid of old, outdated jewelry, they're much more than that! Unfortunately, there are many myths surrounding pawn shops that make some wary of using them. Pawn Shops will buy a wide array of items and are a great way to stay out of debt compared to other alternative loan options; they're also much quicker than trying to sell an item yourself using a garage sale or even an online marketplace.


  • Pawn transactions are quick and immediate.

You can get an offer on your item and sell it just about as quickly as you can get to your local pawn shop. Typically you can sell an item and walk away with cash in hand in a matter of hours or less.

  • Professional appraisals

Rather than guessing what an item's worth, you can have a professional appraisal done at a pawn shop, ensuring you receive fair and accurate pricing and get the money you deserve. If you have an extraordinary item or family heirloom and you're unaware, someone could take it off your hands for much less than it's worth, which could be a major setback when selling at a garage sale.

  • You can trade unwanted items for wanted items.

At a pawn shop, you have the opportunity to make a trade if you see something that catches your eye. In doing so, you're replacing a useless or unwanted item with something new that is a better fit for you personally, a win, win!


  • Things might sell for less than you hoped.

Sadly, there are still cons to pawning, and one of those cons may be realizing your item is worth less than you hoped. In cases like this, it may still be worth the decrease in the sale price. Typically, if the item is already unwanted, it's better to free up space and have an immediate sale than wait for weeks or months for something to sell online for a slightly increased price.

  • You have to leave home.

Leaving the comfort of your home could be considered a con because it's more effort to load up and get your item appraised at a pawnshop than it is to sit out on the front lawn on a lovely Saturday morning, but it's almost always worth it in the end!

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