What to Look for When Picking Out High-Quality Watch


Sarah Rodgers


April 15, 2020

Finding the watch that matches your taste and personality is not easy, and choosing one that will last generations makes it even harder to find the perfect watch. Did you know that in the olden days, they used to see watches as a sign of wealth? They also passed down watches throughout their family tree to be kept as a momentum of their family history. Nowadays there are so many brands and types of watches, that it’s hard to know which ones are made with high-quality materials and which ones are made with cheaper ones. It doesn’t matter how expensive the watch is; any watch can be a scam; you have to know how to spot the real ones. If you are looking for a high quality watch without breaking the bank come check out our selection today at Xtreme Pawnshop. Here are some things you should watch out for when you are looking for a high-quality watch. 

Case and the back of the watch 

Most watches are made with metal because it is the most dependable common material you can use for a watch. Make sure to note that if the watch is made with any precious metal, it will be inscribed somewhere on the case of the watch. In some cases, watches can be made with metal but plated with gold, which means that the gold is placed on top of the other metal. When this happens, it’s common for these watches to become worn, causing gold to rub off, making it less valuable than before. For some of the most high-quality watches, you will want to look for watches made of stainless steel, because they are some of the most valuable watches due to their rarity and durability. If you are one of those people that’s all in for getting one of the most high-quality watches out there, you will want to find ones that are made of pure gold or silver, but these will be very expensive, so pack up your wallet. The next ones on the list are plated watches with gold and silver, and then the regular metal watches, and last plastic watches, which aren’t even worth the time (Pun not intended.) 

Check the Origin of the watch

Most of the time, you can tell the quality of a watch just by knowing where it comes from. Any watches that come from China are likely made with cheap materials that are easy to produce. You do not want to buy watches made in China. There are, however, lots of countries that provide some very high-quality watches, they are Switzerland, Germany, and Japan. You can tell what Origin it comes from by whatever name is written on the dial of your watch. 

Find out what type of glass is used on the watch

Three different types of glass have been used for making watches, Sapphire glass, mineral glass, and plexiglass. Sapphire glass is made of a crystal, whose hardest is second to that of a diamond, making it practically unscratchable. Mineral glass resembles the glass that is used for windows. It is rough and hard and is mildly scratch resistant. Plexiglass is a plastic clover that is easy to scratch but also easy to smooth out. This kind of glass is used on cheaper watches. To tell the difference between these three, all you will need to do is a kiss test. The plastic coating will feel warm under your lips, while the Sapphire or Mineral glass will feel a lot colder. There is also one other test you can do. Put a small water drop on the screen of the watch; if it looks like a drop of dew or a small bulb on the screen, it’s likely Sapphire glass because Pixglass will cause the water to spread out and form a flat bulb or splatter.

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