What Can I Sell To A Utah Pawn Shop Near Me?




March 9, 2020

Pawn shops allow you to buy and sell a variety of products and merchandise. This is because pawn shops are interested in items of value. Having a valuable item such as an old antique found in your garage, or a baseball card collection can bring in quite a bit of money. So what all can you sell to a pawn shop in Utah? In today’s article, we’ll be presenting a few of the many items you can sell at a pawn shop near you.

What Can You Sell To A Pawn Shop?

As has been mentioned, pawnbrokers are interested in almost anything of value. Almost. Because pawn shops are regulated by state and federal laws, they must follow all standards and regulations set in place the local and federal government. This ensures all merchandise bought or sold through the pawn shop follow the guidelines set in place.

Gold & Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most popular items for bringing in the cash. This is because elements like gold and silver can last for decades or even centuries while maintaining their shape and form in a bright and shiny state. Materials like diamonds, rubies, sapphires, gold, silver, emeralds, and pearls are among other valuable items of jewelry.

Guns & Ammunition

Guns are another item that can bring in a lot of cash. This is because firearms are built with incredible durability, allowing them to be passed down for generations while maintaining their high end-value.


With modern advances in technology, every year brings newly created electronic devices and software on the market. After upgrading to a new phone or laptop, you can bring in your old device for a decent amount of cash. Examples of valuable electronics include smartphones, cameras, speakers, flat screen TVs, stereo systems computers, printers, laptops and more.

Movies & Games

Have any old movies or games lying around? Pawn shops accept a number of Blu-ray DVDs and video game disks. Pawn shops also accept gaming consoles, controllers, and other video game accessories. The better the quality of the material, the more you can sell it for.


Music is a universal language that everybody enjoys in one genre or another. Bringing in a beautifully crafted guitar or a working drum set are sure to bring you some extra cash. Musical equipment can also have a lot of value. Mixing boards, amps, and effect pedals are examples of some valuable items. Other types of valuable instruments include violins, tubas, trumpets, accordions, saxophones, and pianos.

Vehicles & Recreational Vehicles

Did you know you can sell vehicles and even recreational vehicles to most pawn shops? Not only they really bring in the cash, they also act as excellent forms of collateral when getting a loan. You can search the year, make, and model of the car or recreational vehicle online to see what similar vehicles are currently selling at. This can give you a good idea of how valuable your vehicle is at it currently stands.

Power Tools

Have any extra power tools lying around or that you no longer need? Selling them to a pawn shop can bring in a fair amount of cash. Power tools, like firearms, are incredibly durable. This enables them to run and operate for several years while maintaining high-valued performance. These are what makes them all the more valuable to pawn shops.

Sporting Goods

Sporting goods are great for selling to a pawn shop. Winter sports equipment and gear like snowshoes, skis, snowboards, and snowmobiles are more valuable in the winter months, whereas summer sporting gear and equipment like golf clubs, fishing poles, baseball bats, tennis rackets, and others are more valuable in Summer months. That being said, pawn shops will likely give you cash year round for sporting good items that are still in good condition.

We hope you found this article helpful. For more interesting information, if you want to learn what not to sell to a pawn shop, you can check out our article on 10 Things Not To Sell To A Pawn Shop.

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